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出 版 商: Gnostice Information Technologies 版  本: v1.20
语  言: 英语 授权期限: 终身
上架时间: 2008/7/28 更新时间: 2009/2/5
交货方式: 电子授权 配货周期: 15个工作日
市场价格: 290.00  RMB (以销售人员正式报价为准)
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Gnostice Print2eDoc是一个文档转换软件,能够作为一个打印软件安装在Windows系统上,它能够转换任何Windows应用程序上的文档。Gnostice Print2eDoc既是一个打印驱动,同时可轻松创建PDF文档。

Key Features and Benefits
Create electronic versions of printable documents in popular, portable formats that are easy to distribute over the Internet. Supported formats include PDF, BMP, JPEG, EMF, WMF, GIF, SVG, PNG, and TIFF.

Interactive and easy to use configuration dialogs help tailor the output to your needs.

Preview and enhance the usability of documents, just before creation. The document enhancement options include adding bookmarks, hyperlinks, notes, form fields and functions, and full-fledged drawing tools to draw over content.

"One-Click" Conversion of Documents from Microsoft Office allows you to convert documents from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint with just a single click. You can automatically generate bookmarks, hyperlinks and TOC pages from Microsoft Word, export Microsoft Excel sheet names as PDF Bookmarks, convert Presentation Outlines and Presentation Text from Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to PDF bookmarks and more.

User preferences management made easy through Document Creation Profiles. Document Creation Profiles provide a way to set up and store different document creation configurations facilitating single click resetting of all properties for your custom needs.

Image and text Watermarks with Watermark Profile Management for conveniently applying branding elements on documents. Watermark Profiles provide a way to set up and store image and text watermarks for easy reuse. Compound watermarks that can hold several image and text elements are also supported.

Built-in support for delivery and distribution of created documents. Email, FTP upload and even NNTP posting of created documents can be performed as additional tasks after creation, to take the job further in the workflow cycle without much effort.


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