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About PC Stars
PC Stars is a leading integrated service provider in China. We offer comprehensive software distribution solutions, and value added services targeted to the Chinese market.
Our distribution solutions support: integrated box-packed sales, online distribution, licensed distribution, and online software services. In terms of software types, we cater to personal software, business software, as well as online software products (SaaS, Software as a Service). Our innovative distribution model allows us to optimize the value chain from software development to software use. PC Stars has achieved proven results, successfully partnering with leading worldwide software vendors including Kaspersky and Zoho.
PC Stars service division provides market penetration and expansion solutions to help software vendors grow business in China. Taking advantage of our database of 8,000,000 enterprise user resources, we have worked with Techsmith, Intel, O&O and achieved results through marketing programs like leads generation, follow-up survey etc.
Corporate History
  • March 2006 PC Stars was founded. Core management is composed of senior professionals in China’s software channel industry. They possess extensive experience in software marketing, distribution, and retail sales. PC Stars currently has a team of over 300 online distribution, operations, and ecommerce technical staff.
  • July 2006 PC Stars established an exclusive partnership with Kaspersky. PC Stars has created a vast network for online and offline software sales and distribution, comprising over 30 provincial level sales branches, 2400 retail sellers, and 200 well known websites. Together with these marketing channels, PC Stars set up a comprehensive sales platform.
  • June 2007 PC Stars provided business software users with online price inquiry and comprehensive local service solutions. Its subsidiary website ( has already become the number one site of foreign software purchasing in China. Softwarelist is also a pioneer of catalogue selling and service. It has entered into strategic partnership with the world’s best business service providers, Lifeboat and DR. It has also established close supply and sales relationships with over 700 leading software vendors worldwide.
  • October 2007 PC Stars entered into a strategic partnership with leading international software vendor Zoho, becoming Zoho’s sole representative in China. PC Stars’ subsidiary Baihui ( represents the complete Zoho product line and has become a leading online software platform in China. Baihui provides online software problem resolution, including support for Online Office, CRM, PM, etc.. It is technically mature, stable, and fast. Its effective service, efficient coordination, and online information storage give it a unique advantage, making Baihui a leading choice in China for high value online problem resolution for business and individuals.
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