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Buyers Targeting and Buyers Survey
PC Stars buyers targeting and buyers survey allow you to quickly learn the Chinese market capacity for your software products. Through the survey, we can also help you discover the most effective way to promote your software products in China.
Questions facing software verdors entering the Chinese market
How many customers in China may be interested in your software or services?
How many of these users will be willing to pay for your software or services?
What cause a good product to find only a small market?
Who are your prospective customers in China?
How should you reach and get useful feedback from prospective customers?

Is the common solution enough?
Yellow Page can help, but their coverage is broad and their value is limited. You may rely on the market research agencies, who can give you a general idea of the market, but this often limits your sales revenue to an acceptable instead of outstanding level.

What can PC Stars’ distribution service suite do for you?
Or, you could choose a more focused approach and cooperate with PC Stars, as many other vendors have done. With our accurate and detailed industry-specific database, PC Stars can calculate the market capacity for your products, not to mention take advantage of our contact information to improve the awareness for your products. We are able to obtain useful feedback by all means available.
You may have already placed significant thought into your China market strategy, but we believe we can still provide you with strong value. We probably know this market better than you do, including but not limited to our ability to judge who would be your actual buyers. Together with experts in the software field, PC Stars can narrow down huge and redundant datasets, and eventually draw a conclusion suggesting the most appropriate plan of action for your business. In addition, we can collect feedback and then re-assess your pricing or product strategy to find the best fit for the market. Whether you have not yet conducted a market survey or are currently in the planning stages, cooperating with PC Stars would be a wise and cost-efficient decision.

An Example
Take TechSmith for example, at a cost of only $4,000, PC Stars made a list of more than 20,000 potential prospects with detailed contact information. This vendor was satisfied and made a contract to extend the service to a product survey, which brought 3,000+ immediate customer opportunities to them. With an investment of $10,000, TechSmith acquired a direct realization of this market, which was an essential reference to guide their business activities in the China market.

Stay on path or seek a new direction. It's up to you. We are always ready to explore more possibilities together with you.
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