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Exclusive Distribution
Channel Building & Management

We are able to take advantages of our data resources to help you recruit channel partners perfectly matched to your product line. This data covers around 200,000 SIs and resellers with whom we cooperate. We can help you evaluate their capabilities to create more opportunities for your business.

We also provide you with channel management advice, such as Registration Policy. This policy requests the channel to offer the customer detailed information in a registration system whenever opportunities are recognized. Such a policy protects the channel's business lead, keeping channels from snatching one order from another channel through price competition or other techniques. As a result, it avoids a situation where many channels waste time and energy on one order. It also avoids creating an atmosphere full of complaints and unfairness. Vendors are able to encourage channels to focus on developing more prospects in a healthy and fair situation. This idea has proven successful in Solidworks China program.

Unfortunately, most western vendors ignore or don't use such a registration policy strictly when they manage channels in the China market. They take for granted that the channels who first sign contracts or POs with customers will get the orders and forget their own very important role as policy makers. This can actively diminish channels’ enthusiasm or motivation to generate prospects.

PC Stars has set up a complete registration policy online system. Channels can use their own account names and passwords to register a sales lead opportunity and get replies quickly on the status of registration.
Then they can move on to farm, but not hunt, next opportunity.
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