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Contracts in China are formalized with a seal. PC Stars can provide your customers with legal contracts, increasing their trust and assisting you to expand your Chinese market..
Facilitating Legal Contracts
As a professional Chinese software representative, PC Stars can form a bridge, connecting software publishers with their customers. We can offer a formal contract to customers and PO style orders to software distributor – one service targeted to the customer and another targeted to the manufacturer.

In China, all business requires a contract, which must be formalized with a seal. This is common practice. But when Chinese business users purchase software from foreign manufacturers, the manufacturer is unable to provide a sealed contract that is recognized by the Chinese government. The result is that the customer may experience misgivings when they go to make a purchase. Their concern is, first, whether the manufacturer will strictly adhere to the contract. Customers are also concerned about what will happen if they make advanced payment and the manufacturer is unable to carry out the agreed upon terms. They are left with no contract with which to pursue the issue.

In China, businesses generally first sign a formal contract with software suppliers, sealing it as guarantee with a legally recognized Official Seal. A company’s Official Seal represents the decision-making right of the company and stands in for the rights of a juridical person. Once sealed, the company has legally agreed to the terms of the contract. If the customer believes that its legal rights have been violated or the supplier has not fully executed its responsibilities, the customer can file a lawsuit in a Chinese court of law, thereby protecting its lawful rights and interests.

In Western countries, however, there is no formal contact and no official seal. Companies are accustomed to entering into a business transaction using a PO (Purchase Order). A PO has the advantage of being simple and flexible and can save time and manpower cost, but it can lead to Chinese customers feeling a lack of trust or security. Sometimes even when customers need your software, these concerns may keep them from purchasing it.

This is where we come in. PC Stars is able to offer a formal contract to customers and PO style orders to software distributors, thereby earning the trust of both.

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