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Credit Term
Enterprise customers in China may want a credit term for payment. Can you satisfy their request? If not, PC Stars can help. We can offer credit term services to qualified Chinese customers, encouraging their repeat business.
In China when companies do business, they generally provide each other with a credit term. Only after receiving the product and verifying that it meets requirements, does the customer pay. Customers worry that if they pay in advance they may not receive agreed upon products in a timely manner. Consequently, they generally use payment by installments or payment upon receipt. This style of payment is difficult for software vendors and vendors to accept.
At present there is still no international credit rating system used throughout China, leaving foreign manufacturers with no means to evaluate and be sure of the creditworthiness of Chinese enterprise customers. The result is that they insist on payment in advance and are unwilling to extend a credit term to Chinese enterprise customers. PC Stars can help software manufacturers and their customers avoid this awkward situation. PC Stars possesses an independent and complete system for evaluating the credit of Chinese enterprise customers, enabling us to sign formal contracts and extend a credit term to qualified customers. At the same time, we can ensure that the vendor is paid in advance. This can clear up misgivings on the part of both the buyer and seller, ensuring a smooth transaction.
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