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Demonstration Farm Model of Software Publishing
Before beginning large-scale activities in China, PC Stars suggests creating a Demonstration Farm using concrete small-scale operations to understand the Chinese market for your products. This is an important tool for minimizing risk and creating a development strategy for your business.
Barriers for global software companies to enter
Establishing a new company or a joint venture in China is a big decision:
  • Requires large upfront investment
  • Complicated and time-consuming process to establish the venture in China
  • High market risks
  • What if the product does not sell?
These issues mean it is often prohibitive for small and medium sized companies to establish their own Chinese company or joint venture.

There are issues to consider in finding the right partner in China
  • High market study cost. For example, travel cost to China can be $2,500 - $5,000 per person. It costs more for a team to visit. The cost, time and efforts spent on the market study trip make it can be too expensive for many companies.
  • More importantly, these companies don’t know much about the Chinese software market and its sales channels. Language problems can cause miscommunication and distrust. Partner negotiations can take too long to reach mutual agreement. There is also possibility that these companies deal with dishonest “partners”, resulting in financial losses and missed opportunity to enter China.

We provide a more stable path to determine investment strategies
Our model employs concrete operations to gain understanding of the Chinese market. Based on the experience gained, you can intelligently plot your expansion and investment strategies. We provide a more stable path determine investment strategies. This information is especially valuable in today’s world in which “cash-flow” is of unprecedented importance to business.

Choose from one or more of these currently offered services to create your own Demonstration Farm:
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