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Catalogue Selling
Importation Affairs
PC Stars’ catalogue selling business deals with the whole import process which is from quote to payment and delivery, and manages risk to ensure vendor partners’ benefits.
The difficulties you may encounter
Some foreign software vendors consider that software selling is a simple matter of selling the products to the right buyer. Actually, the situation in China is not so simple. Chinese enterprise customers purchasing foreign software may encounter the following difficulties:
  • Foreign Exchange Control
    According to China State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), foreign exchange control policies shall be strictly applied in China (except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).
  • Rules and Regulations including:
    -The limitation for cash remittance is 10,000 US Dollars or equivalence. Above this amount should apply to SAFE.
    - The annual fore purchase quota for Chinese citizens is 50,000 U.S. dollars or equivalence. Above this amount should apply to SAFE.
    Charging standards for telegraphic transfer (1 US Dollar=7 RMB Yuan)
    -1‰ commission of the SUM on every transaction (min 50RMB, max 260 RMB).
    -telecommunication fees 150RMB overseas, 80 RMB Hong Kong and Macau.
  • Customs Declaration & VAT Import overseas software requires paying 17% value-added-tax (VAT) of the total amount, and declaration at Chinese Customs with the strict formalities.
  • The actual cost is much higher than the estimated, here is an example of the actual expenses for a Chinese customer purchasing overseas software:
    A company needs to buy the software B, which is $999.
    -the software cost $999
    -fax charges $29
    -shipping fees $15
    -17% VAT $170
    -Customers Declaration fees: $143 (can be deducted when paying VAT)
    Total: $1356 (actual cost: $1213)
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