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Exclusive Distribution
Exclusive Distribution
Kaspersky Lab: A classic success story in the Chinese software industry
Kaspersky Lab is an international information security software vendor. Its main products include information security products for home and enterprises. In cooperation with Kaspersky, PC Stars has carried out a strategy of constantly reshaping the software distribution industry value chain.
On July 18, 2006, PC Stars became the sole distributor of Kaspersky personal edition products.
PC Stars then established a dedicated project group to handle sales of Kaspersky software. This project team includes a channel sales force, marketing team, after-sales service team, and an operating platform development and support team. The result has become a classic success story in the Chinese software industry.
  • Kaspersky jumped from the sixth place to second in China's market.
  • Chinese sales got the amazing increase.

PC Stars Publishing Solutions
In terms of physical channels, PC Stars created a channel network for Kaspersky covering all of China, including: 30 provincial level sales offices and over 2400 retailers.
In terms of online channels, PC Stars created a dedicated official Download and Sales site ( In addition, PC Stars has built an Online Distribution Network, encompassing more 200 well-known websites.
Online Distribution Network includes most prominent Chinese network media outlets:
In terms of marketing, PC Stars designed and carried out an integrated online and offline PR and advertising campaign for Kaspersky.

A sample of marketing activities performed by PC Stars and Kaspersky:
CCTV Television AD
Computer shopping center advertisement
News Conference
In terms of after sales support, PC Stars created a dedicated pre- and post-sales support program, with 30 members call center team providing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week support.
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