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Exclusive Distribution
Local Support

It is often difficult for the customers to get timely pre-sale and post-sale Support, because ISVs do not set up offices in emerging markets. Other issues arise due to the language barrier and time difference. PC Stars provide timely sales and technical service to the customers.

Pre–sale Support:
  • Provided 8 hours per day, 5 days per week via telephone, E-mail support to the resellers and the potential end users.
  • Provide technical training to the resellers and cultivate engineers to support more potential and existing customers.
  • Educate the resellers how to sell the products, pre-sale engineers visit the end users with new resellers.
  • Work with the resellers and follow up the potential sales opportunities.
Post-sale Support:
  • Provided 8 hours per day, 5 days per week via telephone, E-mail support during office hours, 2 hours response, 24 hours solve the problem.
  • Onsite installation and deployment service.
  • Remotely server access.
Customer Services Call Center
400 and 800 toll free call center for individuals on e-commerce distribution platform.
Sales and Technical Training Center
Provide periodic sales and technical training to resellers. Provide demo and testing center to help sales and engineers learn the software.
Demo and Evaluation Center
End users are able to view at a live demo by accessing PC Stars’ remote servers.
24 hours response for sales and technical tickets
Overseas ISVs must deal with significant time zone differences. PC Stars forwards to vendors any sales and technical tickets we cannot resolve ourselves. Employees at PC Stars work with global software vendors 7*24 to ensure response the customers within 24 hours.

Take advantage of local labor to assist your customers in China

More importantly, because PC Stars operates in China, we are able to offer service prices that are acceptable to Chinese customers.

In the U.S., companies generally charge customers $2,000 to $2,500 per day for professional services to provide customization. Sometimes due to the complexity of the products, cost of professional services may be even higher than the product cost.

The cheap cost of labor in China has direct impact on the cost of professional services. Most ISVs find that Chinese companies are unwilling to pay U.S. price levels for professional services. Companies pay approximately U.S. $300 to $400 per day for professional services in China. In addition, customers such as large banks and telecom companies usually negotiate free professional services.

Another area of impact for ISVs, due to the cheap cost of labor, is support cost. Chinese companies expect immediate support response, most likely on-site, when problems arise.
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