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Product Localization
How to create advantages for your product through localization
With the rapid growth of computing in China, users have become more sophisticated. There are more Chinese software users every day. Due to language issues, however, outstanding non-Chinese software is often unusable. Even if they are using a software package, language issues often keep them from taking full advantage. The result is that Chinese users choose not to use non-Chinese software, believing it to be difficult to use and unable to meet their needs. This causes many international software vendors to lose out on the huge marketplace and may affect the reputation of their products.
A non-Chinese software product needs to do more than just work well. In order to convince Chinese users and gain their trust, language barrier must be solved firstly. Only by the software product localization the global software vendors can realize your real market capacity in China. Afterwards, based on the localization, the global software vendors joint-forced with PC Stars can be able to penetrate and move ahead the China market development.
How we are different from other localization companies
  1. We understand the China software market better. We have solid working relationships with over 700 Chinese PhD’s and professors in various fields of expertise. When we take on a localization project, we work with experts in the field. Their participation in the localization process ensures the quality of our translation.
  2. We do more than just translate the software package. Firstly, we ensure that the localized product is fully tested, taking advantage of our professional testing staff and advanced test facilities. Secondly, PC Stars’ localization service is not only the translation, but also the marketing factors included.
  3. Professional software localization flow as below:
Software Localization for O&O
  • Customer Testimonial
  • The manufacturer commented on the localization
    “I am quite impressed by your translations!”
    -----Marko Schrenker Software Engineer at O&O
  • O&O Software GmbH Background
  • Berlin-based O&O Software GmbH has been developing and selling standard software for Windows since 1997. Its customers include private customers, companies and public authorities. The products are sold successfully in over 140 countries, both direct and through a network of partners. The product portfolio comprises applications for performance optimization, data recovery, secure data deletion and Administration, all under Windows. O&O products have won numerous awards and comparison tests, and have been named technological leaders in their field. Further information and free trial versions of all products are available on the O&O website.
  • PC Stars Localization Solution for O&O
  • PC Stars conducted a survey of O&O users within China and discovered a very large demand for these products. Issues relating to language and the habits of Chinese users hindered their popularization and distribution within China. We recommended that in addition to Chinese localization of O&O's products, they also have a platform allowing Chinese users to learn about the O&O and the state of its product line. This platform should tell Chinese users how to use the products and also serve as O&O's online interactive support center in China.
    • Software Localization Screenshot:
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