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How to succeed in the Chinese market?
Business in China is based on relationships. Many international enterprises doing business in Chinese frustrated to find they have better products and lower prices, but are still uncompetitive. Often their problem is "Relationship".

What is the key to doing business in China?
The key is "guanxi", which means relationship in Chinese. Although the quality and price are important when you compete with others, the right "guanxi" is essential to beating the competition and new finding business opportunities.

What can we do?

PC Stars has an experienced sales team. They understand Chinese corporate and purchasing culture. Based on the specific requirements of your market, they manage key relationships and help your product successfully enter the Chinese market.

Understand the software purchase process in China
You like it, so you buy it. That is not how Chinese enterprise customers do business. When you want to start your business in China, you need to understand the Chinese purchase process.
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