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Sales Lead Generation & Potential Acquisition Solution

Sales lead generation and potential acquisition is the core service solution of PC Stars’ distribution service suite. Many Fortune 500 and outstanding growth companies have worked with PC Stars to penetrate and expand their China market.

Sales lead generation refers to locating customers within a relatively brief and fixed time period who have explicit plans to select and purchase a specific product or service. These customers may be organizations or consumers. The organization's marketing staff can use Sales lead generation activities to provide more direct support to the sales department, as well as to channel and brokered sales agents. These activities can directly promote sales volume growth.
PC Stars uses the following several methods to unearth new sales opportunities for our partners:
Cold call for lead generation
Locate and screen targeted buyers through the use of telephone sales representatives. By cold calling the right person we consider that they are the targeted buyers, we establish communication with them, allowing us to understand their current situation and requirements and to generate new sales opportunities.
Direct marketing communication for lead generation
Locate and screen targeted buyers by taking advantage of multiple communication techniques, such as DM, EDM, Telemarketing, Event, etc. This establishes communication with targeted buyers, allowing us to understand their current situation and requirements and to generate new sales opportunities.
Event for lead generation
Locate and screen targeted buyers by inviting them to participate in physical events (offline marketing activities, such as seminars), webinars (web seminars), webcasts (broadcast web seminars). Afterwards, telephone sales representatives follow up with all participating targeted buyers, allowing us to understand their current situation and requirements and to generate new sales opportunities.
Online lead generation
Based on the target product and location, we establish a sales and marketing website cluster. We carry out marketing and sales promotion activities on the website, including: search-based sales and marketing, network targeted placement, self-help training, trial download and Email marketing. These allow us to locate and screen a potential customer group who possess certain behavior characteristics reflecting corresponding requirements. We then drive this group to visit our sales and marketing website cluster. Using these website contents and attractive offers, we gain information about their current situation and requirements and generate new sales opportunities.
Why PC Stars can offer productive Sales Lead Generation & Potential Acquisition Solution service?
With our powerful 8 million Enterprise user database, we are able to not only help software vendors efficiently find targeted buyers in the China market, but also reach them via numerous effective sales and marketing techniques. Through these means, you can:

Demonstration Farm Plan with…TechSmith
  • TechSmith Background
Since TechSmith incorporation in 1987, it has become the world’s #1 provider of screen recording and capture and screen recording software for the individual and professional user.
  • TechSmith Demonstration Farm Plan
    • TechSmith and PC Stars Partnerships is Based On PC Stars’ Foundation of:
Extensive resources (sales channel, promotion channel, terminal user database).
Professional operation team (management, marketing, sales, product, technology, design, etc.).
Accurate accounting of target Chinese user base for TechSmith products.
Mature and rational demonstration farm plan.
    • TechSmith Demonstration Farm Plan Description
    • Highlights in This Plan
  1. Target Customers Segmentation

  2. With current database, PC Stars selected nearly 30,000 potential customers for TechSmith:
    Industry Description:
    Education & Research: Including major universities, secondary schools, as well as the large and medium-sized training/education, and research institutions.
    Information Technology (IT): Including HR / Training Dept. / Sales & Product Dept. Marketing Dept..
    Target Description:
    Including procurement, audio-visual center, multimedia center, computer, library decision-makers, IT engineers, teachers and staff, Sales & Product Managers, Marketing Managers and Sales Engineers, and other relevant procurement.

  3. Email Marketing Program for Awareness in the First Stage
    The Key factors of EDM Success

    Successfully touch 20,000+ target customers of Camtasia Studio product for awareness in China!
    Inbound call for asking the products: 21.
    Total Trial Download Times: 537.
    Total qualified potential customers: 204.
    Total cost: $ 4,300.
   3.   Follow-up Survey Program in the First Stage

    Survey Purposes
    Gain 3,500 qualified prospects based on the result of 30,000 successful email blast.
    Complete 300 depth survey samples for understanding the market demand and further strategy of products sales development in China.
    Further attract targets to create more awareness and demands for TechSmith products.
    Build-up the latest potential database in China region.
    Return-visit over the phone to gather free trial feedback for further dialogue.
    Survey Methods
    Email questionnaire.
    Tele-interviewing questionnaire.
    Survey Results
    Potential customer identification: 20,666.
    Likely customer estimate: 3,512.
    Purchase intention: 308.
    Free trial experience record (Special for free trial users' return visit): 63.
    Basic information verification: 3,512 .

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