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Exclusive Distribution

SolidWorks Success Story in China
SolidWorks is the leader in 3D CAD technology, providing all of the functionality needed to design world-class products. It serves customers in industrial, medical, scientific, consumer, educational, technology, and transportation markets.
At the end of year 2007, PC Stars began cooperation with SolidWorks as a Gold Partner. PC Stars set up the first Authorized Training & Support Center for SolidWorks in Northern China. With this program, PC Stars is authorized officially to run the Certification Program in China.

  • Professional outside sale team
    • Satisfy customer's potential demand
    • Shorten the sales cycle
    • Increase forecast accuracy
    • Increase visibility of sales pipe activities
    • Provide coordinated guidance through regional level sales management
    • Use tools and processes to increase effectiveness of sales process
  • SolidWorks sale forecast tools
We have designed these tools to allow SolidWorks representative sales managers and salespeople to make timely inquiries, input customer leads, increase work efficiency, and reduce human error. At the same time, the sale forecast system also provides sales management and analysis tools, helping sales managers and sales representatives clearly understand and analyze the sales pipeline, improving their work efficiency.
  • Promotional seminar / Annual event – Innovation Day
On September 12, 2008, SolidWorks and PC Stars organized an innovation symposium at the Beijing Empark Grand Hotel with its theme "Green Design, Stimulate The Future". Nearly 250 users attended the event, including design engineers and design enthusiasts representing more than 160 northern Chinese companies. The activities helped attendees attain greater understanding of the advantages of SolidWorks new product, SolidWorks2009. The theme of the symposium was using green design to stimulate the future. The event focused on demonstrating the CAD and CAE capabilities of SolidWorks2009, which in addition to comparison with the older version emphasized the new product's many new features. Technical experts from SolidWorks along with PC Stars technical engineers used environmental design as an example to describe how to lower product cost, increase design efficiency, and shorten the design and development cycle. They also engaged in in-depth discussion with the invited guests.

Rewarding Audiences
PC Stars Solidworks Program Team
  • Our Customers
Company: DW/TXS Construction Equipment(BEIJING)Co.,LTD
Address:Beijing, China
About the company:
DW/TXS Construction Equipment(BEIJING)Co., LTD was established as a joint venture between the US corporation CMW Construction Inc. and TXS Excavation Technologies Ltd. of Beijing. CMW is widely viewed in the US as the leading manufacturer of underground construction equipment. TXS is seen as the leader in China and surrounding regions of production and sales of Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines.
TXS has been successfully producing HDD Machines for nearly 10 years. Its management team is highly experienced in both marketing and technical aspects of the industry and is highly respected in China and surrounding areas. The joint venture takes full advantage of TXS management team's experience, including experience in research and development, production and manufacturing, and marketing and sales.
    • They did not possess CAE software, making it impossible to perform integrated design, analysis, and verification.
    • Project blueprints and coordination management were all quite complicated, hindering exchange of information.
    • They were unable to effectively perform analysis, verification, and assembly, leading to project delays.
SolidWorks provided the following benefits
DW/TXS Construction Equipment (BEIJING)Co., LTD is focused on challenges and development in the field of drilling equipment. Quickly and safely transitioned the TXS technical development team from 2D design tools to a 3D CAD design and fabrication platform. Enabled rapid design, timely analysis and verification, and unified secure data management. Sped up organization's new product development process, helped users improve technical management capability and improve product quality. Also lowered costs and shortened the product supply cycle.
Customer testimonial
"Using SolidWorks we reduced product design errors by 30%. SolidWorks' restricted unit analysis application greatly improved the reliability of our designs. Design productivity also improved".
--Yu Tailong, Director of Design and Development
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