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Exclusive Distribution
Exclusive Distribution
ZOHO Success Story in China
  • In March 2007, PC Stars created Baihui, continuing its tradition of blazing new trails in software distribution and software service. The core of Baihui is Software as a Service (SaaS), bringing the most advanced international online software service technology to the Chinese market.
  • In October 2007, Buihui entered into a strategic agreement with leading worldwide online application provider Zoho. Baihui became the exclusive provider of Zoho’s products in China. Baihui successfully localized, deployed, and promoted Zoho’s core products, creating a comprehensive online solution including office, CRM, PM, and email applications.
  • Through its cooperation with Zoho, Baihui brings internet Software as a Service to Chinese users. Its advantages, which include low cost, high level of stability, rich feature set, and online coordination, make it an extremely competitive software service solution package.
  • Baihui provides a set of rich and customizable products and services to enterprise and individual users.
  • As a pioneering software service provider in China, Baihui began offering online productivity services to Chinese users under the slogan "Goodbye Mirosoft". In March, 2009, announced a program giving government and public service organizations one year of free service, which attracted a high degree of attention from individuals and users from all areas of industry.
  • Baihui is a leading international online office platform. It is the exclusive portal in China of internationally known online application provider Zoho and works to give Chinese users the same high level of online service as users overseas.
  • Targeting the needs of enterprise users, Baihui provides one-site online productivity applications, including office, enterprise email, customer relations management (CRM), project management (PM), etc. This online productivity solution package has made Baihui a low cost information specialist, focused on saving cost, raising productivity, and increasing revenue.
  • Targeting individual users, Baihui provides an "online computer" with comprehensive online services, including:
    -Sending, receiving, and managing email.
    -Creation, upload, storage and backup, editing, management, and sharing of all types of commonly used documents and forms.
    -Creation and management of calendars, contacts, and address book.
    -Online storage and other freely installable applications.
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