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Goodbye, Microsoft! -- Online Office challenges Microsoft Office.
October 21, 2008: The world’s largest online solution provider Zoho and its exclusive China operator Baihui held a news conference on the afternoon of October 21, 2008, announcing the formal introduction of Baihui Online Office service and making it freely available for individual users (, attracting widespread attention from industry and the greater internet community.
(Photo of the event in progress)
The vast user base of Office products has had its fill of frustration with traditional Office products, making the announcement even more meaningful. Charging individual users for Office products and the traditional distinction between legitimate and pirated software are history. Baihui Online Office issued its new manifesto for legitimate software: "As long as you use it, it’s a legitimate copy!"
(Photo of Baihui CEO Huang Binhong)

Even more important, Baihui Online Office marks the strong arrival in China of increasingly important worldwide online office applications. Internet-based Online Office brings office applications into the age of Web 2.0.


News & Events
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·Goodbye, Microsoft! -- Online Office challenges Microsoft Office
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