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ACD Systems strategic partnership with PC Stars and the release of ACDSee 9.0 Chinese Edition

March 19th,2007,leading worldwide software vendor, Canada’s ACD Systems, and China’s largest online licensed software distributor and service provider, PC Stars, announced their strategic cooperation, jointly holding a news conference in Beijing entitled: "ACD Systems strategic partnership with PC Stars and the release of ACDSee 9.0 Chinese Edition.” Working in partnership, PC Stars will distribute ACD Systems’ top quality products through its comprehensive online platform and offline sales network. This event once again shows that more and more well-known international manufacturers are recognizing the unique vision of "upstart” PC Stars.
Among the world’s most popular digital image processing software, ACDSee series software already ranks among the most downloaded software from various large websites. Compared to versions of ACDSee previously available in China, this 9.0 simplified Chinese version provides substantially improved functionality. ACD Systems Chinese Regional Supervisor Peter Anderson was at the event and proclaimed that the new 9.0 Simplified Chinese edition maintains the core technology of ACD Systems software. On top of this foundation, the new edition also adds fast browsing capability, one-click red-eye removal, various photograph repair functions, as well as other improvements. Working to provide Chinese users with increased productivity, multi-colored feedback, and high efficiency management is the ultimate value of this new generation of photographic processing software.

ACD Systems Chinese Regional Supervisor Peter Anderson PC Stars CEO Liu Jianhua

In order to allow Chinese users to more deeply understand and experience the enhanced features of the new product, ACD Systems announced that it is expanding its evaluation period from 7 to 30 days. Consumers need only log in to PC Stars’ online distribution website or its partner sites to receive these benefits. At the same time, current business users of ACDSee products can obtain all new enhanced services.
In light of the fact that ACDSee is currently well known but not seen as having high professional value, new strategic partner PC Stars has already begun multi-leveled activities including channel building, marketing promotion, and after-sales service. It is working fully to promote the release of the new product and to drive the sales process. According to PC Stars CEO Liu Jianhua, facilitating channel acquisition and providing a flexible pricing scheme and highly efficient service will allow ACD System to reach new heights in the China market. This expansion will allow them to find new customers and go from passively waiting for purchases to actively creating new demand.
In light of ACD Systems"extraordinary" activities to make a strong entry into the Chinese market with this new product, industry analysts believe that ACD Systems can reach a 40% market share. Users in China of ACDSee can enjoy the same world-class service provided by other leading digital image processing software such as Picasa, and Photoshop.

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·ACD Systems strategic partnership with PC Stars and the release of ACDSee 9.0 Chinese Edition
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