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Gathering of greats - numerous international software manufacturers team up with PC Stars as strategic partners
China’s largest online licensed software distributor and solution provider, PC Stars, has recently enjoyed a steady stream of good news. One after another, PC Stars has entered into strategic partnerships with a number of internationally known software content providers, including well-known CAD software developer SolidWorks, Nero and O&O . Through its subsidiary software directory platform (, PC Stars offers leading business application products. This software directory platform has proven its maturity. In addition to winning the approval of its numerous users, it is also gaining favor among more and more Chinese and international content vendors.
Specific cooperation includes:
November 2007, PC Stars and well-known CAD software developer SolidWords sign a formal agreement, making PC Stars as a certified partner in China!
PC Stars and well-known Computer Aided Design (CAD) software developer SolidWords have recently signed a formal agreement, making PC Stars a high-level representative company for SolidWorks products. This follows on PC Star’s strategic distribution partnership with Yingkeyu, making SolidWorks the second CAD software vendor for which PC Stars is the exclusive representative in China.
SolidWorks is a pioneer in the field of 3D CAD technology, providing design teams with easy-to-use, highly feature-rich, visual software. SolidWorks allows users complete freedom to design exceptional products. Among manufacturing circles, SolidWorks stands shoulder to shoulder with Autodesk, PTC, and UGS
March 2oo9, PC Stars is the exclusive distributor in China for leading digital media solutions provider Nero!
Nero is an innovator in the field of mobile media technology. It has created a unique software platform allowing users to freely enjoy their music, photos, and video, regardless of hardware or file format.
Today there are over 300 million family, mobile, and professional users of Nero’s award-winning software. Nero provides its strategic partners with application software, codecs, tools, software development packages, and programming interfaces targeted to the newest platforms and equipment. Nero accomplishes worldwide software distribution through hardware manufacturers, international strategic partners, retailers, and its official website ( Nero is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany and has local offices in Glendale, California, USA, in Yokohama, Japan, and in Hangzhou, China. Research and development centers are located in Karlsbad, Germany, and Hangzhou, China.
December 2008, PC Stars signs agreement with O&O, becoming O&O’s exclusive distributor in China!
O&O Software GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1997. As one of the leading manufacturers of system tools for the Windows operating system, O&O already has customers and partners in 140 countries. As Gold Certified Microsoft Partner (highest level solution partner), O&O works closely with Microsoft and operates at the forefront of new Windows technologies. Of the 100 companies listed in the "Forbes 100 International," 43 are users of O&O products.


News & Events
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·Gathering of greats - numerous international software manufacturers team up with PC Stars as strategic partners
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