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Website Localization
Why you need to localize your website
A website represents your company. It provides advertising to attract customers. It is a platform for selling products. It is the path for resolving technical issues. Consequently, it is not enough simply to translate the site into the local language. If you wish to attract more customers in China, a flawless Chinese style website must unfold before their eyes.
We don’t just translate websites
Translating the content of a website is only one part of website localization. Website localization work also requires a strong technical support team, marketing team as well as graphic designers. We have two goals of the website localization for our partners. One is a site with content that is clear at a glance to Chinese customers and consistent with the company's style. The other is a site which can self-interact with the Chinese target customers and continuously generate more sales lead and cultivate more potential customers. In addition, Website localization does not demand any action from the software manufacturer.
Trust in our team
PC Stars service division employs a team of highly skilled web designers, experienced graphic designers and marketing staff. We understand the language expectations of the Chinese market and work to eliminate any misunderstandings of Chinese users caused by language. Our technical staff works with our localization team to ensure that localization is professional and standard. We have extensive website localization experience and a stable technical platform.

With the help of PC Stars, you no longer need to worry about communication barriers with Chinese users. You will no longer miss out on opportunities due to their not understanding your website.

With the help of PC Stars, you no longer need to worry that language issues are preventing Chinese users from purchasing your product, thus causing missed sales opportunities.

Website Localization for DartWare
Website Localization for eEye-china
Localization Solution for O&O
  • O&O Software GmbH Background
  • Berlin-based O&O Software GmbH has been developing and selling standard software for Windows since 1997. Its customers include private customers, companies and public authorities. The products are sold successfully in over 140 countries, both direct and through a network of partners. The product portfolio comprises applications for performance optimization, data recovery, secure data deletion and Administration, all under Windows. O&O products have won numerous awards and comparison tests, and have been named technological leaders in their field. Further information and free trial versions of all products are available on the O&O website.
  • PC Stars Localization Solution for O&O

  • PC Stars conducted a survey of O&O users within China and discovered a very large demand for these products. Issues relating to language and the habits of Chinese users hindered their popularization and distribution within China. We recommended that in addition to Chinese localization of O&O's products, they also have a platform allowing Chinese users to learn about the O&O and the state of its product line. This platform should tell Chinese users how to use the products and also serve as O&O's online interactive support center in China.
    • O&O Website Localization
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